How to Screen Mirror iOS to PC with Phone Mirror

You can also utilize the app’s screen recording feature to capture everything that is happening on the mirrored screen in resolutions up to 4K. Screen mirroring is the process of displaying a device screen on another device’s screen. It is a valuable feature for many reasons, including sharing content and troubleshooting issues. Screen mirroring iOS to PC can be done efficiently and effectively, allowing users to display their phone’s screen on their PC or Mac.
ApowerMirrorshould be your top choice when searching for the top iPhone screen mirroring applications. It has several tools that you can use for free, such as the screen recorder, screenshot tool, and real-time annotator. Also, the content is downloaded and played on the device you cast to rather than being broadcast from your phone or tablet. Using screen mirroring, your actions will also be seen on the target display, which is reflected on your screen. The more popular casting gadgets, as well as standard smartphones, will prompt you to connect to a wireless network before they can mirror or cast.
If you have a new Mac with M1 Chip, install BetterDummy. On older Macs, Windows PC or Chromebook use a dummy display adapter to create a virtual second screen. Extend your Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux screen to a second screen on another device, for example to another Computer, Smartphone, Tablet or a Smart TV. 100% wireless or with a tiny, affordable adapter. Our team develops and researches with the latest technologies to improve performance, quality and device support of our apps.
Advanced mode, which is available in the PRO version allows you to mirror your screen to the TV in HD quality without delays. The PRO version also unlocks more features including sound, bit rate, faster streaming and removes ads. Screen mirroring technology works over a Wi-Fi network. So you have to connect your iPhone/iPad to the same network as your TV or streaming device to mirror your screen. By connecting your iPhone to the computer, you will learn how to record your iPhone screen on Windows or Mac.
Additionally, if you want to recover data from your Windows computer, you can try MiniTool Power Data Recovery. This is professional data recovery software that can help you recover data from all types of data storage devices under different situations. Mirror android to tv of watching movies on your phone may not be great. But you can mirror your iPhone or iPad to your TV and use a big monitor to see images, documents, videos, and more on TV. On the other hand, you can also mirror an iPhone to PC. If you have a computer at hand, you can mirror your iPhone to PC to display your iPhone screen on your computer.
However, it is important to note that the feature will only work on Android smartphones. If you are using iPhone, then you won’t be able to mirror your phone via Bluetooth. Open the Your Phone app on the connected PC, and then select the Apps tab, and then select Open phone screen. You may need to tap Start Now on your phone to give Your Phone permission to stream the screen.
Once the connection is secured, users can go through the content of their smartphones directly on a PC. IPhone 4S and later iPhones supports the AirPlay feature, if you don’t see the AirPlay icon, make sure your iPhone has the latest iOS version, and the Wi-Fi is turned on. You should connect your computer and the iPhone to the same LAN.